Sunday, October 5, 2008


"Araz galar, akhar gedar,Dunya bir panjaradir, har galan bakhar gedar" :

"Araz flows dawn and comes, Flows and goes, Life is like a window!, One comes, Looks, And goes!"

Araz, a long waterful gorgeous river located in south of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanians love this river for the exact meaning of the word, even some of them name their children Araz in order to recall its eternal beauty and awe. Since long long ago Araz has been a subject of interest for poets and authors and songwriters in Azerbaijan to express and elaborate their inner feelings about it. All grannies know many stories about it and everyone knows songs for Araz's sake. (Ammar)


Lim said...

Dear Mr. Ammar,

Congratulations you have your own blog.

It looks great.

I hope you are happy with your Korean students including my son, Dae-Hyun.

Thanks and best regards.

E.S.Lim said...

Hi dear Ammar it's really nice to see you around here and I wish you all the best with your teaching career. Good luck.
Siavash Rohani