Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you the best student of the month, Roham. Being the accurate meaning for the word "witty" sometimes he says some things that I burst out laughing and enjoy the energy my little student can offer me. I'm really happy with Roham. He's seven years old and lives with his parents who have played the most crucial role in his success. They consider music as serious factor for their son's education and besides his school they understand the necessity of having private violin lessons for him. Roham has got a special enthusiasm for violin class; I wish he never loses this. Although his mother works out of the house as an employee however she helps his son with his lessons during the weekdays when I'm not present at their house. I believe that listening to recorded music everyday has accelerated his violin learning. Imagining himself in the concert hall with a pianist he really likes to play with the CD simultaneously and imitates it exactly. Congratulations to Roham and his parents.

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