Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After a long gap between weekly sessions, like New Year holidays, students usually weaken to play their songs by the long time quitting their daily rehearsal. It's often difficult to strengthen them and revive their music performance knowledge even by weeks. However some vigilant parents and students prevent this by reminding themselves their daily job during the off days. Actually it is important to understand the fact that daily practice is just like daily teeth-brushing or the meal we must have every single day. Mah-manzar who is shown in the picture above is one of my students who played her songs even better than before holidays! I admire her and confidently her kind and thoughtful parents who support their daughter with their help and assistance. Thank you Mah-manzar, thank you parents.


Jiny said...

How cute and hardworking your students are ! I feel ashamed. T^T I should pay more attention to practice. haha ;;

So Hyun said...

I agree with you Jiny. I don't practice like them either. I should also pay more attention to practice.

Anonymous said...

salam gorzoo...khubi?saite khubie vali man chizi nafahmidam.....!
in mahmanzar inja che mikone?
beman mail bde