Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Seoyeon lives in Turkey with his family now. I wish they could read these lines. I enjoyed teaching her a lot. She got an extremely passionate extrovert character. The day we went to purchase a violin for her the salesman was so surprised. Seoyeon was very excited and happy about her brand new violin and kissed me many many times. She even hugged the salesman several times. Having a unique, kind and clever personality, Seoyeon had a rapid progress during almost one year that she had violin class with me and played seven complete songs beautifully. She often used to offer me her own paintings or drawings as a present that are all added to my collection of artwork made by my artist friends. Undoubtedly this kindness was inherited from her parents. The last day in which unfortunately I couldn’t meet them, Seoyeon's mother had prepared a present for me and handed it to their waitress to give it to me. When I got that message of gratitude I was so happy by the present and simultaneously sad for I had no more chance to see Seoyeon. I wish all the best for her and her hospitable family!

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ghasem said...

hi dear Ammar. I rear occasionnaly your btf blog. ( in fact i trys to rite by my french knowledge)
continue this way. i wishe for you and your dear family the best wishe. that's my blog. I cant rite wery welle but for me riting is a way for find my self.