Monday, October 19, 2009


I believe in "Every child can!" but to be frank I also believe that some children do their job better than others. Undoubtedly a better progress roots in a diversity of reasons and factors. Certainly the first and the most important element which includes many different subdirectories by itself is "Environment". Environment can grow a noble character who has got all merits of the world or one that cannot be called a human kind. It is the same story in violin learning. Different atmospheres make different advantages. I'd better elaborate this through a clear example to make my point easily. The picture above is Romina. In a very short time she's learned so much. I've been teaching her less than three months but she holds her violin comfortably like an experienced violinist and plays her songs beautifully. She even believes that it's easy to play the violin. Yet I have pupils who think that playing the fiddle is the most laborious job in the universe. Where do these beliefs and statement-which are true productions and also constructors of our beliefs- come from? Romina's parents -specially her kind-hearted mum- observe daily rehearsal of their daughter responsibly. Sometimes her mother asks me questions about the new lesson or it's related technique on violin that surprises me because I had never heard such a question before from other students or their parents. I enjoy to answer patiently and I understand that these parents have found the right way through success.


Lilithas said...

I think it mostly has to do with their passion. If a child loves what they're doing, then they'll do it well.

Romina obviously loves to play the violin - so she does it exceptionally well. Her parents might play a supporting role, but it's mostly her own spirit that motivates her.

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