Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Children know only how to love!

Here comes a short highlight from the book "Nurtured By Love" by Shinichi Suzuki:

"I played with children a lot those days. The neighborhood children came running the minute they saw me in the distance approaching home. We used to take hands and go to my house, where they all played happily together with my younger sisters and brothers. I just liked children that was all. And besides that, I had been inflamed by Tolstoy; I had learned to realize how precious children of four and five were, and wanted to become as one of them.

-They have no thought of self-deception.
-They trust people and do not doubt at all.
-They know only how to love and know not how to hate.
-They love justice and scrupulously keep the rules.
-They seek joy, live cheerfully, and are all full of life.
-They know no fear and live in security."

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