Sunday, October 26, 2008


My Violin class with dear Yas went on every Thursday on ten o'clock in the mornings. She was six years old at that time and like most of my clever pupils to whom their intelligence let them practice less than others, I always asked Yas to practice daily and also listen to her songs on CD she got. But somehow not mentionable Yas was an exception. She was so cute and I was used to her laughter and lovely behavior in the class. Although I often act seriously in the class to get the most advantage but I try to make a kind of friendship between me and my students so that they try to be excellent every session for sake of a good friend and at least not to miss him. Therefore my friendship turns to be a valuable reward for my students. About Yas this was a little bit different. Although she was very respectful to me but she had some happy, naughty, respectful, brave character. A day when the class was finished and I wanted to go, She held her arms round my neck-on my back-and said : "Mr. Ammar, wear your overcoat on both of us and let's go you home together today, I bet my parents won't find me here under your overcoat!
I knew they'd been planning to leave the country forever but I actually had no idea about it's exact time. After a Thursday on which I canceled our class because I had cold, on the other Thursday-two weeks later –when I entered their house I saw the shocking scenery that could tell me the whole story by itself. They'd gathered and packed their baggage in the middle of their house. Trying not to believe what my mind mentioned logically or perhaps to refuse to consider it I said to my student's mother-who had a really respectful and kind character:"Will we have our class next week?"- We'll leave on coming Sunday, She said. Then I couldn't stop my tears, but fortunately I could hide them and after a minute I opened my violin like always and started my last violin class with Yas.
Long time after this happened to me, in order to relieve the pain in my heart I decided to discuss it with a professor who was an instructor of mine at the university. After listening to me inattentively, facing dawn to her documents, she turned and said "You've broken the rules of the fine teachers; you should not be too intimate to your pupils to encounter such stupid situations". She actually thought me a great lesson. The stupidity is to discuss the words in your heart with the one who understands nothing of that!

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So Hyun said...

Yas looks so cute!!! What a sad thing that happened to you Ammar!!! She left! I feel so sorry for you.