Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Father

As a part of his military service, my father has taught children in villages. There had been some choices how to pass the military service period at that time. My father had chosen teaching. Although he didn't continue teaching as his permanent job, however, he always remembers that time with a feeling of joy and pleasure! You would see him there in the picture with his pupils.


joOjoO said...

Hello MAN,

“Love is the best music in the score of life.
Without it, one would forever be out of tune in the immense choir of humanity.”
(Roque Schneider)

kindly Regard

So Hyun said...

I love music! I like to sing, I like to play the piano and I like to play the violin!!! I really love music and my dream is to be a singer when I grow up!!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE MUSIC!!! Music is my whole life.