Saturday, November 8, 2008


Undoubtedly Sohyun has been my best student during last two weeks. She's really cute and lives with her parents and two very lovely twin sisters. Knowing to play piano before to start having violin class with me, I believe she's got a fine musical sense through daily practice and listening to recorded music. Her parents and specially her kind and thoughtful mother's crucial role in Sohyun's success is never forgettable. I think they are never unaware about the education procedure of their daughter however, they are not anxious and don't have some excessive worry with regards to her learning. I insist that this is a really important point for all parents to understand: Not to neglect and not to hurry and push! We have to supervise how our child learns, and practices what he/she has learned during the weekdays when teacher is not present. The best behavior to do this is to act somehow that the student never feels us and the supervision system as a heavy shadow that makes the enjoyable practice time into a boarding and frustrating while. It's easy to predict a very shiny future for Sohyun not only in music but also the whole life as she follows her current living manner and has the very nice environment, like now, forever.


So Hyun said...

That is me!!!!!!!!

joOjoO said...


You have to live moment to moment,
you have to live each moment as if it is the last Moment.
So don't waste it in quarrelling, in nagging or in fighting.
Perhaps you will not find the next moment even for an apology.

Kindly regard.

joOjoO said...


Where R U?

When the door happiness closes, another OPENS;
Byt often times WE LOOK SO LONG at the CLOSED DOOR that we don't see the one, Which has been OPENED FOR US.