Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In order to teach my pupils how to hold their violin in a comfortable, relax and confident posture, I always make a primary instrument that is made up of a tissue box as the belly of violin, which is wrapped up in a colorful cover with two "f" like shapes on it similar to f-holes of a real instrument. Then I simulate the neck, with a 30cm ruler again colored and decorated with color papers. Students use this limb to grab and hold the violin. The last part has to look like a bow. I usually color a wooden stick and cut it in the appropriate size to make it. Experience has proved that if one starts with a real instrument he may drop and consequently break it. Also this is a good way to encourage children to fulfill their elementary lessons excellently to gain the big prize, a real violin.
I was to teach a new student long time ago. So I made her primary violin. The first day of our class I asked her to perform "Rest Position" and "Play Position" for next time. She was shy little bit and didn’t want to speak much and communicate well and unfortunately her parents were not present to translate me to her or even to understand the exact assignment that had to be done. I gesticulated things and my student could do everything very well. Next time when I entered her room I saw a pile of torn color papers in the corner, and my student with a ruler in one hand and a tissue box in the other, gazing cheerfully at me and saying: Thanks a lot Mr Ammar.I Found the gift hidden under the color paper. My mom helped me to do this and asked me to say thank you to you!

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Dear Ammar! Nice job! Keep up the good teaching career, I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

its magnifique, ammar!
your redection is super,

you,r a perfect writer.

the description of scene is
good luk.