Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today was the third time in which I attended my class with dear Kodai. Although he is so new to violin world and he didn't even have a shoulder rest for his violin till today, he practiced somehow during past two weeks that I think he will fulfill his first song in coming month. Therefore I decided to introduce this polite and hardworking character to every one. The violin that Kodai plays with is an old one. I can hardly tune it however when it is tuned sounds brilliantly. Just like a professional instrument. I don't know how?! It's not handmade or of a very famous brand, but it makes a very beautiful and rich tone. Like Kodai if other students have a good instrument to start with, they will be able to imitate the music they listen, easily and actually when I ask them to perform as same as the recorded music or me, they can easily do that. I must extend my warm gratitude to Kodai's respectful parents who proved that they can prepare the appropriate environment for the well growth of their son.


Arash said...

It sounds such a good teacher;)

zohre said...
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Zohre said...

My Dear Ammar;
You are the best.
I love you :)