Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Lilia plays her songs very well. I've taught her an old folk song for birthday which has always been played at birthday parties in her motherland since long long ago. She likes that song the best and enjoys playing it at parties or for her friends. Lilia has got a very very kind heart which undoubtedly inherited from her kind and hospitable parents.
It's crucial to teach students the songs that they are familiar with. There are some traditional songs everywhere in the world to which everyone in the society is used to listen or perhaps hear it very often. Learners perform these songs very easily, and it's beneficial to teach them how to play the beautiful folk music which has always been in their mind. Listening to recorded music -I mean classical music- is a clever idea to gather a fine knowledge of music to count on it in future and use it as a source of instruction. Legendry music teacher whose guidance is extremely vital not only for musicians but also for every single human in the world, Shinichi Suzuki states: "Man is son of his environment!" Being a fine pupil of Mr. Suzuki, and a noble human, we have to provide a marvelous atmosphere for ourselves and also for children. A replete with happiness environment!

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