Friday, May 1, 2009


The guy that you see his image above these lines is my intimate friend, my colleague, guitarist and also an experienced guitar teacher .Our friendship dates back to a long time ago when Pejman and I taught together in a music school under the authority of University Of Tehran, about 5 years ago. We didn’t know each other very well because I was new to that school at that time. Our class was held almost at the same time and we met sometimes during the rest time between two students. A day in which my students were mostly absent and I had nothing to do but taking a nap, I heard a memorable old song coming from the guitar teacher's room and I guessed that would be the teacher himself, because the music was being performed beautifully and professionally. Then I took my fiddle to go and accompany that attractive nice music if I had the permission. I didn't have any students so I could freely enjoy playing songs together with Pejamn who had been my friend then. He is an extremely happy guy and one of the characters who I call them "happiness generator". I'd like to introduce him to everyone in my site as noble man and a perfect music teacher. Pejman has also gathered his long teaching experience in a book under the title "Classic Guitar" which is published recently.

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pejman said...

my dear friend you made me happy...thanks
I am your little friend.
good luck